• Excursion to the Island of Favignana and Levanzo with lunch on board based on typical local product including mixed appetizers, a porzion of pasta, water, wine and soft drinks.

         - Low season ¹      euro 70 for 1 person

         - High season ²     euro 80 for 1 person 


  • Excursion to the Island of Marettimo on specific request with lunch of board:

         - Low season  ¹      euro 100 for 1 person
         - High season
²      euro 110 for 1 person

  • Aperitif at sunset between "The Walls of Tramontana and the Tower of Ligny" :
        - Low and high season euro 35 for 1 person


Departures take place from the naval port of Trapani "Pier Columbus" (next to the Palace of Coast Guard)

Passengers are requested to communicate any food intolerances before boarding  .

(1) Months:  May, June and October .

(2) Months:  July, August and September  .